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Insulated Packaging Cooler Boxes for Medicine and Pharmaceutical Cold Shipping of Temperature Sensitive Goods

Insulated Packaging Cooler Boxes for Medicine and Pharmaceutical Cold Shipping of Temperature Sensitive Goods

Insulated Packaging Cooler Boxes for Medicine and Pharmaceutical Cold Shipping of Temperature Sensitive Goods Product Description Vacuum insulation panel makes thermal packaging capable to a variety needs of the most demanding temperature-sensitive payloads(Temperature control, GPS tracking). We...


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  • Insulated Packaging Cooler Boxes for Medicine and Pharmaceutical Cold Shipping of Temperature Sensitive Goods


    Product Description

    Vacuum insulation panel makes thermal packaging capable to a variety needs of the  most demanding temperature-sensitive payloads(Temperature control, GPS tracking).

    We have an extensive line of medical shipping(blood, vaccine and human organs transport), offering superior insulating power with thinner package walls. Preservation, cold storage, as well as warm keeping.

    Place of OriginChina (Mainland)Brand NameBJSModel NumberVIPB-0008
    Printing Handlingas requiredOD(MM)




    ID(MM) Size:





    double sided Polyurethane

    Foam Composite Vacuum Insulation Panels panel 

    with PET/PP cover

    Core MaterialGlass fiberSurface colourWhite

    Internal Temp



    External Temp



    4pcs of phase change ice 


    1.0 KG medicines


    111 hours 

    duration within

    2 °C - 8 °C 


    CertificationREACH +RoHS

    Medical Transport,Cold & Warm

    Transport,Cold-chain Logistics

    Size toleranceLength/Width: ± 5mm;Thickness:0/ +1.5mm


    Cooler box size

    No.ProductMode No.MaterialOD(MM)ID(MM)T(MM)Capacity
    1G2 Cooler boxVIPB-0001vacuum insulation panel280*280*280220*220*2203010L
    2G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0002Double sided PU-VIP+PET290*290*290220*220*2203510L
    3G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0003Double sided PU-VIP+PET360*360*360290*290*2903524L
    4G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0004Double sided PU-VIP+PET426*426*426356*356*3563545L
    5G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0005Double sided PU-VIP+PET486*486*486416*416*4163572L
    6G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0006Double sided PU-VIP+PET240*240*240160*160*160404L
    7G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0007Double sided PU-VIP+PET280*280*280200*200*200408L
    8G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0008Double sided PU-VIP+PET300*300*300220*220*2204010L
    9G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0009Double sided PU-VIP+PET310*310*310230*230*2304012L
    10G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0010Double sided PU-VIP+PET320*320*320240*240*2404014L
    11G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0011Double sided PU-VIP+PET360*360*360280*280*2804022L
    12G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0012Double sided PU-VIP+PET370*370*370290*290*2904024L
    13G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0013Double sided PU-VIP+PET385*385*385305*305*3054028L
    14G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0014Double sided PU-VIP+PET436*436*436356*356*3564045L
    15G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0015Double sided PU-VIP+PET440*440*440360*360*3604047
    16G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0016Double sided PU-VIP+PET461*461*461381*381*3814056L
    17G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0017Double sided PU-VIP+PET480*350*300400*270*2204024L
    18G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0018Double sided PU-VIP+PET496*496*496416*416*4164072L
    19G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0019Double sided PU-VIP+PET555*555*555475*475*47540110L
    20G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0020Double sided PU-VIP+PET500*370*320400*270*2205024L
    21G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0021Double sided PU-VIP+PET330*330*330220*220*2205510L
    22G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0022Double sided PU-VIP+PET400*400*400290*290*2905524L
    23G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0023Double sided PU-VIP+PET460*460*460350*350*3505543L
    24G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0024Double sided PU-VIP+PET530*530*530420*420*4205574
    25G3 Cooler boxVIPB-0025Double sided PU-VIP+PET630*630*630520*520*52055140L

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging DetailsCarton with air bubble film and foam and Pallet. 
    Delivery DetailAbout 25-30 days after got deposit
    Sample Lead Timearound 25 days 
    Order  Lead Timearound 30 days 
    Payment TermsA: T/T prefered, L/C acceptable


    VIP Box is composed of vacuum insulation panel (VIP), which is made of core material, getter and the aluminum film.



    BJS’s Revolution of Vacuum Insulation Box


    Advanced features from the 3rd generation box:

    ·Structure:  5 layers, Polyurethane Foam Composite Vacuum Insulation Panels  with surface PET/PP;

    ·Edge effect is much less; stronger, well protected

    ·Application:  food, medical, cold chain, etc

    ·Effect: outside temp 30 degree Celsius, maintain

    Inner temp keep from 2-8 degree celsius for 72-102 hours.






    Why Us

    1.All VIP is strictly selected, with thermal conductivity less than 2.0mW/m.K.

    2.At least 5 layers protection with hard material, not easy to be broken.

    3.Have various types and could satisfy different loading requirements.

    4.It is well sealed to minimum the bridge effect.

    5.Outside 30 degree Celsius, the VIP box inside temperature can keep from 2-8 degree for 4-6 days!

    6.Size and shape for box can be tailored, OEM is welcome.

    Packaging & Shipping



    1.Are your VIP panels environmental friendly?

    All materials of our products get the ECO certificate

    2.What is your MOQ and packing way?

    MOQ: For existing models, MOQ is 100pcs per size, if new developed items, it depends.

    While the more quantity you buy, the much cheaper price will be offered.

    Packing: In bulk,Or in wooden box,or pallet as per requested

    3.Can you make different type accordingly?

    Sure we can make your type according to samples or any design. Price is the same for normal color and special color. That’s quite easy for us since we have excellent production team, we do not only manufacture, but also create.

    4.Can you make customized logo printing?

    No problem.

    5.How long will it take to produce after the orders are placed.

    Normally we can deliver the goods in 35 days after receiving your deposit.

    6.Can you supply free samples?

    Sample within 2pcs is free of charge, if more samples needed, it need to be paid

    7.What is your payment term?

    For first time we prefer T/T, at least 30% deposit once order confirmed, 70% balance before shipment

    Contact Us

    Contact: Sherry Shang

    Mob: +8613901603220



    Welcome to buy the insulated packaging cooler boxes for medicine and pharmaceutical cold shipping of temperature sensitive goods from us. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, also offering the customized service. For more info, contact our factory now.

  • Performance Example

    Medical cold shipping simulation(10L)

    Outside temperature: 24-31 °C

    Inside temperature range: 2 - 8 °C

    Contents: 4pcs of phase change ice packs(0°C) and 1.0 KG medicine

    Performance: 111 hours duration within 2 °C - 8 °C range

    文档819.jpg 文档821.jpg

    ISTA-7D Summer Ambient Band Test(20L)

    External temperature range: 30 - 40 °C (Average 35 °C)

    Internal temperature range: 15 - 25 °C

    Contents:12 pcs of normal ice packs, 8.4Kg of thermal mass and 0.280Kg of salt (simulation of the pharmaceuticals)

    Performance: more than 50 hours duration within a 15 - 25°C range



    What BJS thermal packaging solutions(Cooler Box) can do?

    Cold shipping in fields like the pharmaceutical and fresh industry are facing great challenges: new laws and regulations,energy saving, changeful transport times, extreme ambient temperatures during storage and transport.

    Thermal packaging solutions from BJS provides the cold chain with high-performance packagings during every day handling. BJS Cooler Box is appropriate for pharmaceutical, medical(blood) products biotechnology or or fresh food.

  • Application

    Long-distance transport of temperature sensitive goods like medicine, pharma biotechnology products and fresh foods.

    About 5 times better performance than conventional insulation boxes.


    Thermal packaging products from BJS Tech for cold chain shipping were developed to minimise the risk of temperature loss during transportation.

    Different size offers many options for different application and specific requirements.

    pplicable to temperature sensitive shipments, such as refrigerated trucks and reefers with Longer storage time, stable temperature and increased load capacity.