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nsulation plate processing with what cut? Mar 31, 2018

Insulation plate processing is done using a cutting machine, but it needs to be used safely when operating the cutting machine.

 First, the use of insulation board processing and cutting machine:

1, first check the power cord is intact, and then close the power switch, no load trial operation cutting machine, try running

Is it normal?

2, according to the need to determine the size of the board, and use the clamp to clamp the board;

3, close the power switch, push the skateboard uniform forward, pay attention to the appropriate force should be used to prevent the resulting chain saw stalled and damaged;

4. Turn off the power after use and clean the worktop debris to maintain the surrounding sanitation.

 Second, the use of insulation board processing cutting machine Note are:

1. It is forbidden to stand in the direction of the front rotation of the saw blade to prevent debris from flying and hurting people!

2. Operators must wear protective glasses, masks and other labor insurance products;

3, sick and fatigue are prohibited to operate the device!

4. It is forbidden to operate the cutting machine in the opposite direction;

5, operation at any time, the body does not allow any part of the blade near the high-speed operation, if you take the object near the saw blade by hand, you must first stop! !

6. Insulating board processing and cutting machine is only suitable for sawing wood, plastic board and insulating board, and is strictly prohibited for sawing metal materials;

7. Before use, it is necessary to check whether the saw blade is loose, whether there is foreign matter stuck on the saw blade, whether the cutter has been broken or damaged, and it is necessary to eliminate the abnormal condition before use to avoid an accident.