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Is the fiberglass cloth flexible? Mar 24, 2018

Glass fiber - the main component of the main components of silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, etc., according to the amount of alkali in the glass, can be divided into non-alkali glass fiber (sodium oxide 0% ~ 2%, aluminoborosilicate glass), alkali glass fiber (8% to 12% sodium oxide, boron-containing or boron-free soda-lime silicate glass) and high alkali glass fiber (sodium oxide 13% Above, it is a soda lime silicate glass).

 Glass fiber - characteristics, raw materials and application Glass fiber is higher in temperature resistance than organic fiber, non-flammable, corrosion resistant, heat and sound insulation (especially glass wool), high tensile strength, good electrical insulation (eg alkali-free glass) fiber). However, it is brittle and has poor wear resistance. Glass fiber is mainly used as electrical insulating material, industrial filter material, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, sound-insulating, shock-absorbing material. It can also be used as a reinforcing material for the manufacture of reinforced plastics (see color pictures) or reinforced rubbers, reinforced plasters and reinforced cements. Covering glass fiber with organic materials can improve its flexibility and can be used to make packaging cloth, window screening, wall covering cloth, covering cloth, protective clothing, and electrical and acoustic insulation materials.

 Glass fiber fabric flexibility setting:

Crack-resistant protective layer: around the diameter of 100mm garden bar without cracks.

Flexible putty layer: 50mm diameter round rod without cracks.

Elastic coating layer: No cracks around the diameter of 1mm (After aging 2000 hours)

4.标题What are the inspections of glass fiber fabric products before they leave the factory?

One, glass fiber cloth tensile test

  Generally need to take 3 samples of 10m 150g, and then horizontally placed on the tensile testing machine, then open the test machine, record the value, put the sample on the tensile tester in the vertical direction to open the machine, record the value, the horizontal vertical tension is not less than 1080N , 840N, indicating that the tensile strength of the production meets the requirements.

  Second, the appearance of glass fiber cloth requirements

  The surface of glass fiber cloth was visually flawless, polluted, and kept clean.

  Third, glass fiber cloth weight test

  Need to take a sample of 20 meters to carry out a weighing test to see if the sample meets the grammage requirement to achieve product qualification.