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Insulating plate processing those processes? Mar 31, 2018

Insulation board applications must have been very familiar with, insulation board commonly used electrical insulation board mica board, glass fiberboard, electric board, epoxy board, etc., can also be divided into different models, different insulation board Processing equipment used in the process is naturally different. Xiao Bian will introduce insulation board processing technology for everyone.

1, the structure of the insulating board

 It is made of rubber insulating material, and there should be no harmful irregularities on the upper and lower surfaces of the insulating mat. The harmful irregularity of the insulating mat refers to one of the following characteristics, that is, the defects that destroy the uniformity and damage the smooth surface of the surface, such as holes, cracks, local bulges, incisions, inclusions of conductive foreign bodies, creases, voids, bumps, and castings Signs, etc. Harmless irregularity refers to surface irregularities formed in the production process.

 Five or more different points should be randomly selected throughout the insulation board for thickness measurement and inspection. Measurements can be made using a micrometer or an instrument of the same precision. The accuracy of the micrometer shall be within 0.02mm, the diameter of the drill shall be 6mm, the diameter of the flat presser foot shall be (3.17±0.25)mm, the presser foot shall be able to apply a pressure of (0.83±0.03)N, and the insulating mat shall be laid flat to Make the micrometer measurement smooth.

 2, the insulation board inspection standards

 1. Appearance

 The depth and height of the scratches do not exceed the thickness tolerance of the rubber sheet. 2) Within one square meter of air bubbles, no more than 5 air bubbles with an area of less than 1 cm, and no less than 40 mm between any two air bubbles. Impurity depth and length do not exceed 1/64 of the thickness of the rubber sheet. Edges are not uniform or the surface width is less than 10mm, and the length is not more than 1/105 of the total length of the rubber sheet. There is no crack.

 Insulation board processing

 2. Hardness of Insulation Board (Shao A)

     55-703. Tensile strength and elongation at break:

 Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥5.02) Elongation at break ≥250% 4. Tension (150%) Permanent deformation ≤25% 5. Hot air aging (70°C*72h): Reduction rate of tensile strength ≤30% 6. Water absorption ≤1.5%.

 Insulation board processing

 3. Test of electrical insulation performance of insulating plates

 Voltage withstand test: 25KV (effective value), hold for 1min, there should be no breakdown phenomenon 2) Breakdown voltage test ≥35KV (effective value).

 Insulating plate processing technology is various, different manufacturers' processes may be different, and the processing accuracy of the equipment is also different. Therefore, customers can not only choose this type of manufacturers by virtue of low prices, and do not choose the most expensive ones. If you don't buy expensive products, you will only buy the right ones. The cost of processing by different manufacturers is different. The consumption of manpower, material resources, and equipment, and the difference in raw material content will affect the cost of processing insulation boards.

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