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Phase Change Materials (PCM)

Phase Change Materials (PCM) Product Description Phase Change Material (PCM) is a new type of refrigeration medium, without water pollution while the thawing and melting, able to be used repeatedly. It is made of large cold capacity, non-toxic, odorless high polymer compound as raw materials,...


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  • Phase Change Materials (PCM)


    Product Description

    Phase Change Material (PCM) is a new type of refrigeration medium, without water pollution while the thawing and melting, able to be used repeatedly. It is made of large cold capacity, non-toxic, odorless high polymer compound as raw materials, processed by advanced phase change cold storage technique, good plasticity, hard shell, large cold capacity. Balanced release of cold energy and recyclable, it is an ideal replacement product of ice cube and suitable for the preservation and distribution of refrigerated goods for long time shipping in the case of no power supply, such as vaccine, insulin, biological products, blood and low temperature foods. It can also be used for energy saving and reduction of refrigerators. In addition, R & D service can be provided according to customer demands. For long time cold-keeping, we suggest to use the PCMs with our vacuum insulation boxes a better cold/heat insulation performance.

    200g PCM16*9*2cmBJS-BH-200A200ml60PCS文档121.jpg
    400g PCM19.5*12*3cmBJS-BH-400A4000ml40PCS
    500g PCM22*14.5*2.5cmBJS-BD-500A500ml30PCS
    700g PCM29.5*14.5*2.5cmBJS-BH-700A700ML20PCS
    800g PCM23*17*2.5cmBJS-BH-800A800ml20PCS
    1.2kg PCM31*20*2.5cmBJS-BH-800A1200ml15PCS
    1.5kg PCM37*24*2.5cmBJS-BH-1500A1500ml10PCS
    1.6kg PCM31*28*2.5cmBJS-BH-1600A1600ml10PCS
    2kg PCM38*29*2.5cmBJS-BH-2000A2000ml8PCS
    2.5kg PCM40*31*3cmBJS-BH-2500A2500ml8PCS


    Place of Origin:Shanghai(Mainland)Brand Name:BJSModel Number:BJS-BH-700A
    Product NamePhase Change MaterialsSize29.5*14.5*2.5cmWeight700g
    Outer MaterialHDPEOEMYESEco-FriendlyYES
    CertificatesSGS,MSDS,CEHs Code3824909990MOQ1000PCS
    Printing Handlingas  requiredPayment:TT or L/C

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging DetailsIce Box Refrigerator Packing way: 
    carton size:according to the size of product
    Net Weight:14.0KGS
    Gross Weight:14.5KGS
    Delivery Detail:Samples confirm will cost about 10-15days before shipping

    Packaging & Shipping

    文档122.jpg 文档123.jpg


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    Welcome to buy the phase change materials (pcm) from us. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, also offering the customized service. For more info, contact our factory now.

  • Structure

    Factory Price Plastic Mini Ice Box/Ice Cream Cooler Bag Features:

    1. Non-toxic, environmental- friendly

    2. Reusable

    3. Strong cold storage capacity

    4. Ideal for long distance transportation


    1. Store the ice box in the freezer for about 10-12 hours. It can be used until the inner material is frozen.

    2. Put the items (food, vegetables, drinks…) in the container and save some space for inserting ice boxes. Or you can place the ice box just above the items. Quantity of ice boxes depend on the climate, way of transportation, distance of transportation as well as sizes of ice boxes.

    3. The ice in the ice box will turn into gel gradually after several hours. Please store the ice box in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours for later use. This product is reusable.


    1.High-performance energy storage formula, large volume, constantly and steadily cooling release, long duration of cold insulation.

    2.Widely used, BPA free and safe, without pollution, and reusable.

    3.Cold storage: save energy while the refrigerator is out of power supply and maintain a constant temperature inside the refrigerator for a certain period of time.

    4.Perfect sealing, ultrasonic welding, safe and without leakage.

    5.Approved by aviation, railways, highways, and maritime transport safety certification, suitable for all kinds of cold/hot shipping, comply with SGS safety certification.

    6.Precision temperature control,varieties of temperature range available.

    7.high efficiency, reusable .

  • Applications

    (can be used in hospitals, epidemic prevention station, schools, scientific research laboratory for tests, blood tests,  bacterial culture.)

    1.Expendable refrigerant,

    2.Processed food chilling and freezing

    3.Heat-treating of metals,

    4.Blood,tissue samples, medicines, vaccine and other biological product preservation.

    5.Dry ice can hold the temperature in a refrigeration unit that is temporarily down.,

    6.Vented coolers for hunting, fishing, and camping,

    7.Special effects.


    A. The product is for cold use only and it is not edible. Rinse it with clean water immediately if it gets into eyes accidentally. If swallow, please drink water dilute and hospital promptly if necessary.

    B. The product is safe and stable, non-toxic and tasteless. If leaks, rinse with water.

    C. The product is reusable if it is not damaged.